Beneoliva: An extra virgin olive oil with huge export potential


Beneoliva is a business project of the Sala-López family, which began its journey within the food sector starting with citrus production and extending its activity to the olive oil segment. We have had the pleasure of chatting with Beneoliva’s owner Manuel Sala-López.

What are your main products? What makes them unique?

In Beneoliva we have a premium range, Señorío Jaime de Rosell, which can be Reserva Familiar, Summum and Máximo, and a mid-range product line called Beneolive. Our oils are cold-extracted, and this helps us preserve the quality of the product better. Another feature that makes our products unique is that we owe our own olive mill and we control all processes: from olives collection throughout distribution.
What presence do you currently have in the Spanish market?Within the Spanish market, we are very settled in the region of the Valencian community and in Murcia. We also have a few points of sale in cities such as Burgos, Barcelona, Madrid, Castellón or Almería, basically through retailers such as Carrefour.
30% of our turnover corresponds to domestic sales and 70% to exports.

What are your strategies product wise?

In terms of product strategy, in the last years we created olive oils with different flavours such as white truffle, truffle, basil, lemon, garlic etc. We have also added a new bio line within our premium range Señorío de Jaime Rossel, from olives with organic certification. Finally, another important factor is our flexibility when it comes to customization of our product for third party customers and white label clients.

Speaking of exports, when did you start exporting? In which countries do you have a presence?

We have been exporting since we created the company in 2010. Exports have always been a very important component of our annual turnover, now accounting for about 70% of the total company revenue.We have presence in many countries in Europe such as Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, United Kingdom, Russia ... also in Asia in countries such as Taiwan, and in the United States.

What are your export strategies?

We use different channels to reach international markets:In the first place, we work with an export agency in Madrid
Second, we try to participate as much as possible in international fairs such as Ibérica Expo to personally get in touch with distributors.
And finally, we don’t dislike trade missions in those countries where we have no presence. As an example we will soon have a commercial mission in Norway.We always prefer, if possible, to have more than one distributor in each country.

What should Spanish companies do to export more and better?

In my opinion, anyone willing to export shall study its own target market, analyse GDP and other macroeconomics as well as competition and his chances to succeed. You also need to get an understanding of your buyer persona: know what products you currently have and understand if they can fit your prospects’ needs. According to our experience I think it is also very important to arrange meetings with potential customers prior to an event in order to maximize your chances to succeed.

Where do you see your company in 5 years?

In 5 years our objective is to build presence in most of the European countries and have at least one good distributor in each one of them. We also intend to consolidate our exports in the United States. In terms of revenue we are aiming at doubling our turnover.

By Miriam Capote